PIWI Wines

Le Carline presents you this new line of wines from grapes able to resist to adversity, obtained after several cross between vines varieties of North Europe, which have demonstrated the best characteristics of resistance to fungal diseases and between ancient vines varieties that have always been present in our territory, which allow to maintain the typical and varietal native characteristics.

Thanks to the resistant varieties we have created vineyards that, in addition to the high quality level, allow also to maintain a high environmental sustainability, a theme that has always been at the center of our company mission. These vines varieties, in fact, are resistant mainly to the peronospora and the oidio, the two diseases of the vine most feared by the winemakers and therefore they don’t need treatments.
Our objective was to come together in the vineyard and in the winery the tradition, science and innovation:
our RESILIENS wines are the result of this success.